REBOUND is an electroacoustic composition. In this piece the technique of rebounding the sticks, common for percussionists, is used as a compositional method to expand the sonic experience of a big symphonic bass drum.
All starts with a single stroke on a symphonic bass-drum that unpredictably rebounds on a synthesizer. The musical expectations of the listener are displaced.Based on a flow of hits that rebound on a variety of instruments, the groove of recycled energy and the switches of rhythm, REBOUND crawls under the sonic skin of the listener. 

«Ils volent le vent, soyons tempête», the rebounds are the wind, they steal the wind. 

"For me, the most fascinating phase in the process of learning to play percussion is the «rebound» technique. It requires extreme control of the stick's balance, an understanding of the physical force of gravity as well as a pure concentration. "


Composition: Alexandra Bellon
Duration : 17 minutes (to be played two times)

Bounces, percussion, synthesizers, bass drum, computerAlexandra Bellon
Recording: Bridge studio Genève (Kugler) 
Mixing: Alessandro Mazzieri
Photography: Karla Isidorou

With the participation of :
Marie Mercier, bass clarinet
Louise Knobil: electric bass

This composition is part of the cycle ONGOING composed with the support of Landis &Gyr Stiftung