"I was born of rhythms. I give birth to rhythms. More than a drummer, percussionist, multidisciplinary artist, musician, composer, I am a creator of rhythms. In them exists the essence of my artistic roots. Thanks to them, I explore transversalities, trance, ancient states and the ultra future. Thanks to their wisdom and malleability, rhythms allows us to travel through artistic fields as distant as contemporary music, classical music, experimental and traditional music, African polyrhythms, electronic patterns and field recordings. Within the variety of rhythms, I am magneted by ongoing rhythms. Ongoing rhythms groove in a deep way. They are the ones that never stop, the ones that embrace progressive changes, and the influence of time itself on the materiality of sound. They are the most revolutionary and paradoxical... They are archaic, simultaneously rooted in memory, action and the ultra-future. If rhythm is a luggage, ongoing rhythms are for polyglots."

Ongoing rhythms invites the listenner in a seemingly endless sonor experience. 

photography: Karla Isidorou


Composition: Alexandra Bellon
Interpretation, drum, and percussions : Alexandra Bellon
Duration : 4 hours – 7 hours
Recorded and mixed: at Studio des forces Motrices, by David Weber.
Visuals, photography and videography: Karla Isidorou

This composition is part of the cycle ONGOING composed with the support of Landis &Gyr Stiftung. Ongoing Rhythms was supported in its research phase by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.