Drumming tensions

For CHANGE THE GAME Alexandra Bellon creates an immersive binaural composition to be listened with headphones

My composition is based on percussion. Drums are the central instrument and construct the skeleton of this music in combination with timbers of digital instruments. The core lies in the performative possibilities of “talking drums”, which were used as a communication system for centuries in Africa. This “rhythmic language” forms the base of the inspiration to compose “drumming tensions”. The composition is based on the repetition of patterns, and their slow/brusque transformation. I am interested in change by chance: a mistake in repetition. I will compose with this element of unpredictability. With the influence of the melodic drumming of T. Williams and the electric pulse flow of T. Allen. Rhythm will be perceived as the heartbeat of the piece and tempos as activators of emotions: 56 BPM: apparent calmness 92 BPM: to activate the beats 200 BPM: intensity at its maximum The composition will design within a landscape a multiplicity of tensions.


CHANGE THE GAME by K&A, tells the story of a pawn who discovers and diffuses a classified tape of a high positioned politician-tower. It tells the story of a newly arrived piece from another board game that tries to find her way to adapt to the new game rules. It tells the story of a tower who rises to power, taking advantage of anyone and anything. It tells the story of the bishops who try to escape determinism and reinsert randomness into the game and their lives. Welcome to New Ebony; the city where chess rules. CHANGE THE GAME is an edgy multidisciplinary physical performance that underlines the political and poetical frames of our society: determinism, social class, migration and citizenship. This performance is based on the successful comic Un monde en pièces from Gaspard & Ulysse Gry.

K&A (Karla Isidorou & Alexandra Bellon) plays with music, text binaural recording, chess-masks, IT design and collaborates with nine international performers in order to transform this 2D reading experience into a “total-experience” on stage. The audience follows speeches, meetings and dialogues via headphones – even the hidden inner thoughts of the characters. They receive messages on their phones through a tailor made application and can follow the characters behind the scenes through security cameras. With this daring staging the audience is dropped in the middle of New Ebony.

Recording proces

The proces of composing was closely linked to the process of recording and was realised as a continuation on an ongoing research on immersive
sound dispositions as well as a research on binaural recording. The composition was inspired by Gaspards & Ulysses Gry “Un monde en pieces”


Direction & adaptation: K&A (Karla Isidorou & Alexandra Bellon)
after the comic Un monde en pièce from Gaspard & Ulysse Gry
Translation: Martin de Haan
Binaural recording, research & mix: David Poissonnier
Music composition & execution: Alexandra Bellon
Rap (text & voice): Gerindo Kartadinata
Mix Club: DJ Skillz
Graphic design: Gaspard & Ulysse Gry
Masks design & costume advise: Sofya Samareva
Research & development digital platform: Clever Net Systems, Antoine Hordez.

Alkis Barbas, Alexandra Bellon, Gillis Biesheuvel, Onno Dirker, Karla Isidorou, Gerindo Kartadinata, Gina-Alina Patilea, Hanne Struyf, Fenna Schoren.
Annelie Koning, Chris Kijne, Gerindo Kartadinata, Gillis Biesheuvel, Hanne Struyf, Ioana Tudor, Jibbe Willems, Justin Samgar, Joshua Albano, Kees van Leeuwen, Lard Adrian, Laurien van Rijswijk, Leon Kribbeler, Marjan van Giel, Onno Dirker, Sophie Derkzen.

Production support: Monique in het Veld
Co-production: Theater Ins Blau
Special thanks to: Kees van Leeuwen & Stéphanie Kersbergen

CHAME THE GAME is a co-production of K&A & Theater Ins Blau and is supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL, Performing Arts Fund NL, Lira Fonds, Vfonds, Stichting Dioraphte, FONDS21